Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week 2 08/27/2015

This week had a crazy roller coaster of emotions and thoughts. Sunday we had an amazing devotional and it got me thinking a lot about home and my family. I hope all of you guys are doing good. Most days the MTC feels like a prison well actually almost everyday it feels that way! But I'm putting my head down and pushing through the tough times because it's definitely something I need to do. I've already grown so much as a man over the past couple weeks! I'm so thankful for the chance to serve our Heavenly Father and to teach the amazing people of Japan. I was able to have the amazing opportunity to teach Junichi Maeda and to talk with him for 2 hrs. We had the most amazing spirit there with us while we taught him and discussed our church. He's a non member from Tokyo that is living here for business right now. Dad he really really wants to meet you haha. He said when you guys come to get me he's going to come meet up with us and say hi. This experience teaching him really opened my heart and mad me realize that the MTC will end.  Things will get so much better and I'll be out there doing what I do best, talking and relating to people! This journey is going to have it's tough points and it's going to have it's struggles but I'm not here for me! I'm here to serve the Lord and to bring people back to the fukuin (gospel). I'm beyond excited to be out in the field. The other day we did this English gold tag and everyone came back to the room saying wow that wasn't any easier than teaching in Japanese, and I just sat there and was thinking okay that shows that everyone has the weaknesses and their strengths. because I thought the English was amazing and I was able to teach and get to know Sydney our investigator very very well and I could sit and teach her all day.  Nihongo (Japanese) doesn't come easy to me, that's okay though because I know it'll come and the Lord called me on this mission for a reason! I'm so thankful for the role that Heavenly Father plays in my life, and everything that he's done for me. I hope you guys are all doing amazing! I love and miss you guys. Oh and my new companion is awesome! He played football at Bountiful and we connect very well. We are learning Japanese together and helping each other a lot with learning it. We work really well with teaching and doing all that stuff so that's really nice. I'm good on food, my room gets so many packages a day it's crazy haha!! I love when I get hand written letters. I keep them all on top of my closet by my bed. and re read them very often. Choy and Tyson: please keep working hard, that's all I ask of you guys, don't give up on your dreams and don't ever think your dreams are to big. If there is only 1 thing you guys choose to learn from me please please please let it be your work ethic. I took a lot of pride in my work ethic and still do. I hope you two will do the same. It'll bless and help you guys in every bit of life. Also please WRESTLE it's the greatest thing I've ever done with my life. KIA KAHA always and forever. I was able to see Aunt Julee at the Temple today!!! Wow what a Huge tender mercy that was!!! Felt like I was hugging Grandma again and it felt so amazing.  ai shittemas Kazoku ( I Love You)

                                                   Cj and his new companion and Junichi

                                            Elder Cj Packer and Elder Crosby Gull
                                            Elder Cj Packer's district
                                                        Cj and Don

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