Friday, August 21, 2015

First Email from Elder Packer       08/12/2015
I love you guys so much!! The first day might have been one of the hardest days emotionally for me in my life hahaha. I cried like a little baby at night. but I know what I am doing is right and its what I should be doing. Mom I cant find my black belt... where did you happen to put it? Japanese is crazy, it's a lot of fun to learn though and I couldn't be happier with it. I saw so many buddies that it was hard to count. Nick Beard and I had a good talk about how hard it can get at times and how all you want to do is give up. I already miss you guys like crazy! I seriously was hold my coin in my hand yesterday screaming in my head Kia Kaha "Be Strong". Its going to take some getting used to that for sure. My companion is  a really cool kid from Springville Utah named Reber Choro. HE LOVES TO TALK... more than me. yes that is possible. as you can imagine I'm a little quiet with everyone. Please tell Choy ( Braxton) I love him and that he better get his but into the gym NOW.   Love you guys so much. Talk to you soon. I might get to email you tonight too, I was suppose to watch this whole video and then leave the lab but obviously I was going to send a quick email ;) Love ya guys, keep it trill in the 801 

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